TRAINING & Support

After conducting extensive market research and drawing from our experiences as Engineering Surveyors, we've pinpointed significant challenges associated with the current application of foreman kits in construction sites. Presently, kits are primarily utilised by laborers and engineers with limited to no experience handling such sophisticated tools. Consequently, these devices often end up misused, neglected and often pushed aside as “too hard.”

Our training and support enables your company to elevate your workforce to assist projects move forward in an efficient manner.

GNSS Insight pro

Tailored for your on-site survey Foreman Kits, our GNSS Insight Pro plan provides comprehensive services and remote support from Positioned technicians.


RTK subscription

Our RTK subscription grants instant access to RTK positioning services using a network of permanent, continuously operating reference stations.


Construction Set-out training

4 Hour in person Training Day.


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